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Season 1 Chess Rush

It is time season 1 has started, and some new stuff as well came out with the start of the season, I will be getting into the game and talking about the two new game modes.

Let us begin with the first new mode called co-op mode, you when the game starts you get a teammate and it is yall goal to win together. You will be playing the game like regular follow the link to the article for the game and how to play. On the left side of the screen, you can add 2 of your champions to let your teammate. So to explain, you can have a warrior team that is missing a warrior that your teammate has, and he can put it there so when you fight it jumps on ur board and allows you to get the full synergy to will enable you to win maybe. If you die you cant change the champions that you can give your teammate. When you lose, you sort of loss your teammate can still win for the team at the end.

The other game mode is group mode, where you will be team up with three other players. That will be two teams fighting each other to win. You will play the game as usual. When you go against your opponent if you win your team that is left over after the fight and move to help then win there battle. And when it is finally the last battle, and after that, the losing team will get hit. Your only loss when your whole team will is finally out of life. So you can help your team win or loss with what you are building. So pay attention to your team and hope you can help them.

Can’t wait to see what new things they will bring to the game. It will be fun to watch this game grow, and I will be streaming it on my mixer account.


Fallout 76’s Vault 94 opens next week. Here’s what’s in it.


Polygon News –


Vault 94 is opening up in Fallout 76 on Tuesday, Aug. 20 (on Windows PC), and a preview from Bethesda Game Studios this week describes the game’s first Vault Raid. It’s an instanced event, meaning the only other human players you’ll find in there are the ones on your team.

For that, “we recommend assembling a full team of level 50+ characters to take on the timed and instanced missions you’ll encounter,” Bethesda wrote. What you find in there is all yours, the raid, the encounters and, of course, the loot. Bethesda says it is putting to use its “new Instancing technology” for the first time.

That’s why the raid’s launch will be staggered across platforms. PC players get it first on Tuesday and then, if raids “run smoothly over the following days, we will open the Vault for consoles as well,” Bethesda said. The patch delivering the Vault 94 raid will still be delivered on the same day to all platforms.

Inside the Vault itself, players will get three different missions on a weekly rotational basis. The first is “Dead in the Water,” to be followed by “Meltdown” and “Washout.” All the missions will last one week, and have three difficulty modes, an untimed Novice setting followed by Standard and Expert difficulties. Loot corresponds to difficulty, of course.

Canonically, Vault 94 was the home of pacifist Dwellers “armed with nothing but a stockpile of seeds and the Vault Suits on their backs.” So, hippies. Their door opened a year after the bombs dropped and out they went to restore the Earth’s bounty. It didn’t go so well for them.

Inside sounds something sorta like Vault 22 from Fallout: New Vegas. It’s “completely overrun by nature. Yet,” Bethesda writes, “something within now threatens its destruction.” Players are there to save the Vault, learn what happened to the hippies, and get their merch.



The Strangler Heart armor set for Fallout 76, a set of green armor with vegetative decorations Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks



Among that loot will be plans to craft new Vault Armor sets, such as the Strangler Heart armor pictured above. Vault Armor plans can’t be earned in the Novice mode, so that’s basically just your practice run difficulty. The raid also awards a new resource, Vault Steel, which is necessary to build the armor. Neither steel nor the armor crafted from it can be dropped, traded or sold.

All that said, since new code is being put into use, be prepared for the chance this doesn’t work right the first time. “Staggering the release of Vault 94 between platforms will allow us more flexibility to address issues that may not be apparent until larger playerbase gains access to Vault 94 than our internal playtests allow,” Bethesda said. “If significant issues are discovered, we can disable the Raid on PC until we’ve implemented the necessary fixes, and then bring Vault 94 back online for all platforms.”

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Unreal Engine News

Free Twinmotion update available—SketchUp direct link and more


Unreal Engine –

Free Twinmotion update available—SketchUp direct link and more


Twinmotion is a high-quality, easy-to-use real-time visualization solution for architecture, interior design, urban planning, and landscaping. Back in May, we announced that Twinmotion is now part of the Epic Games family, and made it free to download until November 2019. Since our announcement, over 160,000 people have signed up to use the software.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a new update for Twinmotion. With this release, you can get from SketchUp Pro to VR in just two clicks! Plus, there’s a great new pack of high-quality grasses for more convincing lawns and landscapes.





Key new features


SketchUp direct link


Working with SketchUp data just got much faster and easier, with new one-click direct link synchronization with SketchUp Pro—in addition to existing direct links with ARCHICAD and Revit—and automatic material replacement and geometry optimization. 



Import time using the direct link is also faster than importing a SKP file, and you can wave goodbye to rendering problems with flipped faces. In addition, the import process now deals correctly with geometry that has different materials on each side.

New high-quality grass pack


Create luscious lawns and lifelike landscapes with a brand-new pack of grasses. The seven existing flowers have been improved, and we’ve added a further 25 new grasses, so you’ll never be short of variety.





Improved stability and performance


We’re now using the static mesh rendering pipeline to increase stability and rendering speed for imported data. We’ve also improved stability and fixed some minor issues in other areas. See the release notes (login required) for full details.

If you haven’t already started using Twinmotion, there’s never been a better time to do so. Get your copy today, while it’s still free—you’ll be able to keep using your free copy indefinitely. If you’re already a Twinmotion user, you can install the update over the top of your existing executable. Either way, we hope you enjoy the latest Twinmotion!



Tech News TechRadar Game News

Windows 10 preview refines search and adds GPU temps reading to Task Manager



Tech Radar –

Windows 10 preview refines search and adds GPU temps reading to Task Manager


Windows 10 has been graced with a new preview build for the update due to land in the first half of 2020, and this is the first release which has introduced a lot of changes, albeit none of them are major new features.

The highlights for build 18963 (which is rolling out to testers in the fast ring) include the addition of GPU temperature readings to the Task Manager, so when you pull the latter up, you can see how hot (or cool, hopefully) your graphics card is running at a glance.

This is only for discrete (i.e. not integrated in the processor) GPUs, but it’s a much-requested feature, and means you don’t have to install some kind of third-party monitoring app to check the temperature of your GPU.

Windows search has also been improved to be more intelligent, and pick up on, for example, spelling mistakes when you’re rifling through files and folders looking for stuff.

Microsoft gives the example that previously, search would have been unable to cope with spelling mistakes like “powerpiont” and “exce;”, and these would have returned no results – but now, search will automatically correct these to “powerpoint” and “excel” respectively.

Interestingly, this feature is not just coming to testers, but the retail release of Windows 10 in English-language territories, because it’s a server-side change (meaning you’ll need to be connected to the internet to benefit from these automatic spelling corrections).

Searching for settings has also been tweaked to add a ‘related:’ line below the best match result, giving you related options and clarifying why the result is being presented to you. Again, this isn’t just for testers, but also for the retail release of Windows 10 – but only in the US. This feature will expand from just settings to include app searches in the coming weeks.

Finally in other non-tester related news, Microsoft is bringing the revamped Search Home experience – which gives quick access to your recent search activities, and most-used apps – to those using the October 2018 Update. It was previously only available to folks on the May 2019 Update.

Note carefully

Notepad has got quite a bit of attention in the recent past (including the introduction of wrap-around search), and as of this preview build, future Notepad updates will be automatically piped via the Microsoft Store. That’s useful because it means Microsoft will be able to update Notepad as it goes along, rather than having to wait for major feature updates for Windows.

Microsoft has also given some users the ability to rename virtual desktops (with these new names persisting after reboot). We say some users, because this particular change is only live for 50% of testers, but will be rolling out to more in time.

There are a load more minor changes, including refinements to streamline the process when you change your Windows account picture, and as ever, check out Microsoft’s full blog post for all the details.

There are some known issues, and probably the most interesting nugget here (which was also acknowledged in build 18950) is a reference to a ‘cloud download’ option when you are resetting your PC in the Windows Recovery Environment. Microsoft notes: “This feature is not working quite yet. We’ll let you know once it is, so you can try it out!”

So hopefully it won’t be too long before you can try out the ability to reinstall Windows via an internet download, as the rumor mill has previously indicated.

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Playstation Lifestyle

Borderlands 3 to Tie Loose Ends Story-Wise, But Doesn’t Mark the Franchise’s End


PlayStation Lifestyle –

Borderlands 3 to Tie Loose Ends Story-Wise, But Doesn’t Mark the Franchise’s End


A third entry in a series typically seems the optimal stopping point. After all, isn’t that the brilliance of trilogies? To some extent, it appears as though Borderlands fans should feel the same about the third mainline entry. Things will be tied up with a nice bow and all that jazz, however, that does not necessarily mean the franchise will come to a close once Borderlands 3‘s story wraps. In fact, according to the title’s writers, “there is always room for more story…”

DualShockers recently spoke to Lead Writers Danny Homan and Sam Winkler about the matter. During the interview, Winkler noted that Borderlands 3 definitely serves as a “successor to all the games.” As such, it will follow the same narrative path fans are familiar with from previous installments. Apparently, some of those past narrative threads will directly be addressed and receive finality. Throughout Borderlands 3, Winkler continued, the story will “tie off some threads, have some new threads, and definitely isn’t the end of Borderlands in any way.”

Homan added there’s more to explore after credits roll, seeming to suggest a few loose ends will linger after Borderlands 3. “There is always room for more story in Borderlands,” he explained. Still, after beating the campaign, fans should feel the three mainline entries all fit together, according to Winkler. If the story does eventually receive a continuation, it, too, will be connected to the core titles. Of course, he couldn’t go into too much more detail, but he did reveal he is “really happy with the way that Borderlands 3 ends.”

Whatever Gearbox has up its sleeve for the upcoming title’s narrative, it’s looking to be expansive. This especially holds true considering its 35-hour campaign.

Borderlands 3 hits store shelves in a few weeks for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on September 13th.

[Source: DualShockers]

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GameInformer - TheFeed

Mortal Kombat Movie Finds Its Jax, Mileena, Liu Kang, And Thunder God Raiden


GameInformer –

Mortal Kombat Movie Finds Its Jax, Mileena, Liu Kang, And Thunder God Raiden


The upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, a new stab at the video game license in movie form a few decades after it last saw theatrical success, is currently eyeballing production. Before you start filming, though, you need a cast, and the movie has just grabbed itself a few key roles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Liu Kang, Raiden, Mileena, and Jax have all been cast. Liu Kang is being played by Ludi Lin, who played Zack in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot and Murk in AquamanSupergirl actor Mehcad Brooks is playing Jax, while Thor Raganork’s Tadanobu Asano is in negotiations to play Raiden. Mileena will be played by newcomer Sisi Stringer.

The movie already has The Raid’s Joe Taslim playing Sub-Zero. In addition, the movie’s screenwriter confirmed that the movie would earn an R-rating with fatalities, as well.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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E-Sports Max E-Sports

MMO Business Report: US Tariff on Game Consoles, Pearl Abyss Quarterly Report, and More

MMO Games –

MMO Business Report: US Tariff on Game Consoles, Pearl Abyss Quarterly Report, and More

Our MMO Business Report is back once again! This week we have some more quarterly reports, this time from Tencent and Pearl Abyss. We’ll also be taking a look at US tariff on game consoles, and a disappointment in the esports industry.

Tencent Quarterly Report is Looking Up

Tencent’s online game revenue has increased 8% year on year. This is thanks to the end of China’s freeze on game approvals and because of Honour of Kings which has been a constant, steady earner for the company. Mobile games made the most revenue, $3.2 billion USD which is up 26% from last year, but in the same time period, they saw a decline in PC game revenue of 11% to $1.7 billion USD. Looking back at where Tencent was during Q2 last year  and comparing it to this year, you have to keep in mind that last year they were only able to release one new game in China during all of Q2. In comparison, in Q2 2019 they released 10 mobile games, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the company is doing well.

Source: Tencent Quarterly Report


MMO ‘Seed’ Raises $22 Million from Series B Funding


SpatialOS MMO Seed has raised an additional $22 million in funding. The money came from investment firms Novator, Northzone, Neoteny, firstminute capital, Makers Fund, New Life Ventures, and LEGO. Yes, THE LEGO. When combined with previous funding this brings the total for Seed up to $37.42 million.

“We are thrilled Novator and LEGO Ventures are making this big bet on us and for getting Ragnarsson on as our Chairman – he truly understands the value of single-shard MMOs and brings his amazing experience from CCP to Klang,” said Klang CEO Mundi Vondi. “Partnering with LEGO Ventures, the global phenomenon of emergent gameplay, is fantastic and aligns perfectly with our vision. Finally, we are humbled that our great current investors Neoteny, firstminute Capital, Northzone, and Makers Fund are joining the round as well and couldn’t be more excited to have the fuel to deliver SEED without compromising on its very big vision.”

Source: Games Industry


Pearl Abyss Quarterly Report Wows

Black Desert Online

Q2 2019 was Pearl Abyss’ best performing quarter in terms of sales with an amazing 266% rise in net profits quarter on quarter. The overseas market (in this case meaning outside of South Korea) makes up 74% of their sales. During the quarterly report, they also talked about upcoming games. EVE: Aether Wars has been given the green light despite originally only being a technical demo. Black Desert Mobile is set to launch in Q4 2019 globally. Project CD is a new AAA RPG that isn’t based on the Black Desert IP and is going to be targeted to a global audience. Project K and Project V are casual shooting games developed using Pearl Abyss’ new engine. No dates yet for the unnamed projects thus far.

Source: MMOCulture


Gfinity Esports Australia Closing

Gfinity Esports Australia which has been holding esports events across Australia for the last two years, will be closing in November. The company put out a press release that made it clear the company had not seen the return that was forecast when it was launched.
Dominic Remond, CEO of Gfinity Esports Australia said, “We would like to thank all our stakeholders and the Australian esports community for their support over the last few years. This is a very difficult announcement for all our staff. We will continue to meet our obligations to our existing partners, including Supercars with the upcoming Gfinity Supercars Eseries, and deliver outstanding events until we close later this year.”

Ciaran Davis, Chief Executive of HT&E added, “Esports remains an exciting industry with significant global interest and activity and HT&E believes it will become a mainstream and significant content-audience-commercial medium in the long term. But our absolute focus is on our core radio business and the economics of esports in the Australian market are yet to deliver sustainable, positive earnings. It is critical our investments deliver value for shareholders and with esports there is no certainty on when a positive contribution might be achieved.”

Source: Esports Insider


US Tariff on Game Consoles

New Tariffs on electronic devices made in China were set to go into place on September 1st, however, the United States Trade Representative said they will delay the tariffs until December 15th. The tariffs cover cellphones, laptops, some toys, computer monitors, video game consoles, and some clothes. The tariff was originally announced in May. Since then Apple, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have all sent letters to the USTR stating the tariffs would have an impact on the US economy and force them to raise the prices of their products. What does this mean for consumers? If you’re planning on getting anyone a console for Christmas, buy it now! In fact, Donald Trump even mentioned Christmas while addressing the press.
“We’re doing this for Christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on U.S. customers, which, so far, they’ve had virtually none. The only impact has been that we’ve collected almost $60 billion from China – compliments of China. But just in case they might have an impact on people, what we’ve done is we’ve delayed it so that they won’t be relevant for the Christmas shopping season.”

Of course, what Trump said isn’t accurate. The tariffs aren’t being paid by the country they’re coming from or even the countries in that country. They’re a tax on the good being brought into the country by companies that typically end up being passed on to consumers. So don’t be surprised when Christmas is more expensive than usual this year.

Source: Cnet


Loot Crate Files for Bankruptcy

Loot Crate has been struggling quite a bit over the last 18 months and has now filed for bankruptcy. However, they’re also claiming they will continue with business as usual. Investor Money Chest LLC has purchased the company’s term-loan and offered $10 million to help keep operations going. Loot Crate said they will continue to pay their employees as usual and overall, from the way they speak of it things seem to be quite smooth.

However, former employees have made claims stating otherwise. Two days before the bankruptcy was announced Loot Crate laid off 50 employees with no severance and no warning. With one of them saying to, “There’s been a lot of speculation that the reason for that was those who put this layoff together knew the company would be filing bankruptcy, and that they did this knowing former employees couldn’t pursue legal action because of bankruptcy protections. Is this how and why this went down the way it did? I don’t have the ability to say, but I can see the sense in it from those involved in making the decision who likely were apathetic to the employees that would be lost.”

Lootcrate now employs 60 people.

Source: Games Industry

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Video Gamer News

News: Telling Lies gets a release date in new teaser trailer


VideoGamer –


Telling Lies, the next FMV game from the creator of Her Story, will release on August 23 and has received a new, suspenseful trailer.

A laptop is loaded with a stolen NSA database full of secretly recorded video conversations from four different people. These four unwitting individuals are linked to a shocking revelation, and it is down to the viewer to search through the files and discover the truth. 

It’s also got some quite famous people acting in it. There’s Alexandra Shipp, Kerry Bishé, Angela Sarafyan, and Logan Marshall-Green (or Tom Hardy Lite).

Telling Lies will launch on August 23 for PC and iOS. Watch the new trailer below.

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In the Beginning Was the Word



In the Beginning Was the Word


Check out an awesome VR project created by a team of students from The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

In the Beginning Was the Word is a pay-what-you-want VR game for Oculus Rift created by Servants of the Serpent, a team of seven students from The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. The game was made in just five weeks, and the team was invited to present the project at Crytek’s HQ in Frankfurt. In the game you play the role of an author who must explore a magical forest on a quest to clear their writer’s block. You can shape the world around you, grow trees in the blink of an eye, make it rain at will, and destroy huge boulders as you solve a range of puzzles in this beautiful and immersive adventure.

To find out about their experience using CRYENGINE for the first time, and learn about their trip to Crytek, we spoke to Fabian Kober, Programming & VFX, Sarah Kopisch, Artist, Elfi Kühndorf, Game Design, Michael Lurz, Technical Artist, Judith Mühr, Environment Artist, Lucca Riitano, Sound Design, and Harald Schmidt-Reinthaler, Music Composer.

Thanks for joining us! Where did the idea for the game come from?

Fabian: Each semester, we get a specific topic for a project, and the theme for this game was “nobody is perfect.” Each of us had to come up with three pitches, and along with a few others, I had the idea of an author who is struggling with writer’s block. Writing is one of my hobbies, so I’m aware of this struggle, and I also fancied the idea of exploring this through an imaginary world.

The game world was inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar, which always really fascinates me.





What did you want to achieve with the game?

Michael: We wanted to create an immersive VR puzzle game, and learn to use a new engine. Everyone from the team was used to working with Unity, and we wanted to try out CRYENGINE instead.

Judith: In the beginning, we thought learning to work with a new engine and several other tools would be challenging enough, so we never expected the outcome to be what it is now!

Fabian: I wanted to create a fantasy world filled with nature that would capture attention and spark the imagination. VR is a great tool to achieve a high level of immersion, and CRYENGINE’s amazing nature rendering capabilities convinced me that it was a good idea to use the engine. Once that was clear, I wanted to demonstrate that even a student team with a limited timeframe could achieve something great with CRYENGINE and show how the engine could be used for VR projects by indie developers.

Elfi: I wanted to make an immersive VR experience, which is believable and draws the player into the game. I also wanted to gain some experience with VR, as I had never worked with it before. From a game design perspective, I wanted the player to understand what they need to do and where to go and create puzzles that deliver a sense of achievement and joy when completed.

Lucca: Last year I had an internship at Crytek, where I experienced professional game audio production for the first time, and I wanted to apply some of what I learned in the development of this game.





How did you find the development process, and how pleased are you with the progress you made?

Lucca: What surprised me the most was how well the whole team adapted to a new engine. None of them had ever worked with it before, and everyone delivered exceptionally well within those five weeks of production, creating a vertical game slice with huge potential.

Fabian: Coming from Unity, I was used to endless light baking sessions, which CRYENGINE does not require. Furthermore, I was surprised that all the volumetrics (light shafts, fog, clouds) just worked in VR with very little performance impact.

In the end, I am very pleased with the result. It looks amazing, especially the vegetation, which was very important to me. Even though we developed the game in less than two months, it has about 30 mins of playtime, and most people seem to really enjoy it.

Sarah: The look of the game, or rather the engine, is amazing. I am very pleased with that. Time was a real constraint for us, and I would have liked to have more animals and movement in the forest, with AI reacting to the players. However, in a short timeframe, we had to make sure we finished with a playable game, so we had to choose our priorities.

Michael: I am very pleased with what we achieved. Considering that we were new to the engine and had such a short time, we still managed to develop an almost bug-free game with a working game loop.

Judith: The process of putting together a game wasn’t as difficult as expected, but we are still surprised with what we achieved. We thought that the game would be very prototype-y, but we made so much progress in the last two weeks that we uploaded the game to, something we never imagined we would do when we started out.

Elfi: I am very pleased with the result. In the last two weeks, the game became much more polished, and we are all proud of it. The huge support and appreciation for the game from Crytek was surprising for me, and I am very happy about that. It felt really good to hear from people within the industry that our project is awesome, especially given the time limit we had to make it.

Harry: If we had more time, I would have chosen RTPC (Real-Time Parameter Controls) to trigger the music. This provides a more interactive feeling, and the player feels more integrated into the world. Every action changes the music in different ways (instruments, melody, harmony, tempo,) and we could have designed it around different themes, for example, a calm and relaxing composition for the forest, and a faster, more adventurous and playful theme for puzzles.





What CRYENGINE features helped you?

Fabian: Probably the most helpful tool for our game was the Vegetation Editor. It allowed for a very dynamic environment, in the sense that there was a lot of movement from detail bending, even though we did not have a lot of animated assets. I was also very pleased with the Wwise integration with the engine, which was easy to set up and use.

The pfx2 particle system was very important for the final feel of our game. The editor itself was an absolute blast to use, and the game looks very good.

Sarah: I mainly used the Material Editor and sometimes the Character Tool. The Material Editor was really easy to understand and handle.

Lucca: Thanks to the Audio Controls Editor, and the wonderfully implemented support of Wwise and the Oculus Spatializer in the engine (shout-out to the Audio Programming Team!) adding audio into the project worked like a charm.

Judith: Our game is set in a forest, so the Vegetation Editor was very helpful. Placing vegetation with an extensive amount of variation was very easy, and I’ve never seen such a tool in other engines.

Harry: We wanted to integrate adaptive, interactive music, so I used Wwise to achieve this. Depending on the player’s state in the game, for example, exploring or solving a puzzle, the music changes. To provide seamless transitions, the music was composed so that compositions have a different melody, harmony, or tempo, but are in a similar key so they can blend into each other.





How was your experience visiting Crytek?

Fabian: It was amazing. Everyone was incredibly nice, and we got a lot of positive feedback about our game. Also, everyone was interested in our experiences with the engine, and our feedback felt very well received. We picked up some good game design tips, and we also heard a lot about CRYENGINE 5.6!

Elfi: It was awesome. It was my first time at Crytek, and it was very interesting to see how the different departments work together. I felt very welcome and appreciated. It was a great feeling to be able to present our game in front of Crytek staff, and we received a lot of positive and helpful feedback from the team. It was nice to speak with people who have a lot more work experience than we have, and I picked up many interesting insights about the industry and how to break in.

Michael: It was great to receive so much positive feedback from the Crytek team. Many people were surprised to see what we had achieved in just five weeks of production time. We received feedback about how to improve the game and tips on what to put in our application when we apply for a position at Crytek.

Lucca: Visiting Crytek to present the game was a wonderful experience, and I’m more than pleased with the feedback the team received. The real interest that was shown from Crytekkers for such a small student project was overwhelming.

Judith: The office is great. Everyone was very friendly and interested in our project!

Sarah: It was amazing! The working atmosphere seemed perfect, and everyone was so open and helpful. You have amazing and super-friendly people there. It was such a pleasure to talk to them.





What’s your goal for after graduation?

Fabian: After graduation, I want to start working, preferably at a game studio. I would love to work at Crytek!

Sarah: My goal is to find a role as an animator in a gaming company. I want to be part of an amazing team and contribute my best to a stunning gaming experience, grow my skills, and be able to make fiction seem like reality.

Lucca: I’m going to move to Austria and do a master’s degree. I would like to work on sound for a AAA game production from start to finish in the future.

Judith: I would love to work for an established company like Crytek to learn from experienced artists and improve my skills.

Harry: After graduation, I will continue working on small projects, producing music for games, films, and bands. In 2020 I’m going to start a master’s degree focusing on audio.

Elfi: My goal is to follow my passion and work in the game design area. I’d like to travel too, and I am also thinking about doing a master’s degree, but I have not decided where yet.

Michael: Survive!

Thanks everyone!

We’re sure you’ll agree that the team did a fantastic job with the project, which you can check out on If you’re making something cool with CRYENGINE, let us know on the forum, or via Facebook and Twitter, or join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on our official CRYENGINE Discord channel. If you find a bug in the engine, please report it directly on GitHub which helps us to process the issue quickly and efficiently.

Are you looking for your next career move? At Crytek, we value diversity and actively encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels to apply to our open positions, so join us over at LinkedIn and check out our careers page.

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Unreal Engine News

Epic Games announces the opening of a new studio in Cologne, Germany


Unreal Engine –

Epic Games announces the opening of a new studio in Cologne, Germany


Epic Games today announced the opening of its newest studio located in Cologne, Germany. Led by the founders of Factor 5 – creators of the Turrican and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron franchises – Epic Games Cologne is joined by F5’s principal members and serves as part of the company’s expanding focus on emerging forms of interactive media and streaming technologies.

Prior to joining Epic, the Factor 5 team, including Epic Games Director of Online Technology Julian Eggebrecht and Cologne Studio Director Achim Moller, has been on the forefront of media delivery, working with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, as well as serving as technology partners for both Nintendo and Sony.

“At the core of Epic’s success are highly-skilled and passionate individuals,” said Julian Eggebrecht, Director of Online Technology. “Germany is a nation at the forefront of technology and we look forward to extending our local presence as we fill newly created roles and hire exceptional talent.”

Epic Games currently has nearly 200 open roles across dozens of global locations and is currently accepting applications for positions at the Cologne studio.

For more information, visit