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Chess Rush

Chess Rush is a fast paced mobile game for the auto chess genre of gaming. A game mode that fights on it own, you will pick the characters you want to play and what strategy you want to use. To me this is a great game to get started in the auto chess genre.

Made by Tencent Games, a company that are known for Mobile online games, like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile, Blade & Soul, and World of Fantasy.

From the vary start you are playing against players not only in the your nation but all over the world. When the rounds start you can see where everyone is and it is amazing. They do have quests for winning or losing, as well as just logging in for the day. They are not of major importance to the main game play but for the cosmetic like the way your character is or to the way the field looks for you.

It plays like any auto chess game with synergy that complements each other. Chest Rush is a game that takes influence from Dota2 auto chess. It has three major game modes, a classic mode, ranked mode, and a rush mode. Rush mode is a excellent way to play the game quickly instead of a 45 min game; it will mostly be under 30 min for the whole game.

What makes this game special is it helps out new people get started in the game. It allows you will suggest you synergy to do as well as set up for the champions to be placed. With the synergy it allows you to pick from a large amount of sergyes with what you have at the moment so you can build something. When it comes to they buying and characters it will tell you to buy certain ones that go with the comp that you have picked if you play like that.

When playing the game the characters go from one star to three stars. To rank the characters up you need to have 3 of the same tier champion and it match and tells you to upgrade. You do have a level and it goes up per round as well you can buy more exp to level up, and put more champions on the field to help you fight.

To gain gold you need to play rounds, you will gain a small amount per round. When you keep winning more games in a row you will get a winning streak and will get more gold when you are a winning streak. As well if you need the money quickly for a certain champion you can sell champions on your bench to get some cash quick. When playing the turbo mode the gold comes more quickly then the regular mode s well. When you have a variable of 10 you can gain more gold per round.

I hope that you try to play this game, it is a great game to play that can be quick or long. As well, it is a free game and that makes everything better to have. It is a game on both android and apple store. Give it a try I cant wait to see you on the field.